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Frequently Asked Questions

Maintaining your Sisterlocks

Following the steps below and adhering to the guidance of your Sisterlocks consultant/trainee will help you maintain the integrity of your locks and grid.  When your locks and grid are immaculate, your styles will be most attractive and you will have a plethora of styling options.

The first year of your Sisterlocks journey will be critical to the development of your hair!  Your observation during this period will aid your hair's locking pattern to mature/lock sooner rather than later.  Sticking to the guide will help ensure your Sisterlocks are healthy and your journey a joyous.

Washing Your Locks

Wash your Sisterlocks every 7-10 days to ensure your Sisterlocks remain fresh and hygienic.  Washing your locks is important for lock and scalp health .  For the first 6 months, braid and band your locks before each wash to protect your locks from unraveling at the tips and slipping at the root.  We strongly recommend using Sisterlocks Starter Shampoo.

Let your hair completely dry, then undo the braids.  You'll love your braid-out style!  Consult with your Sisterlocks consultant/trainee to a tutorial on this washing method.

After the first 6 months, consult with your Sisterlocks consultant/trainee to determine the next shampoo to use.


Adhering to your retightening schedule will alleviate lock/grid damage.  Sisterlocks clients must wait no longer than 4-8 weeks and no sooner than every 3 weeks for retightening.  Ask your Sisterlocks consultant/trainee to determine the recommended timeframe for retightening based on the state of your Sisterlocks.

DO NOT retighten or allow others to retighten your locks too tightly or too close to the scalp.  Doing so will possibly damage your locks as well as your scalp/grid.  All locks swell after styling and retightening, give them room to do so.  Please consult with your Sisterlocks consultant/trainee if you think your locks are being retightened too tightly.

Sisterlocks is a hair locking system generally used on natural hair.  These styles, if properly maintained, will be beautiful!  Attempting a "permed hair look" around your edges may damage your locks, grid, and/or scalp.  This applies to hair styles in general, not just locks!

Excessive Moisture

Moisture helps your locks to lock, but excessive moisture will unlock/damage your locks.  Avoid too much moisture especially within the first year of your lock journey.  Spritzing your locks with water between washes may damage your locks, especially while they are maturing.  

Dye/Color/Lifts for Locks

Clients beware!  Color/lifts tend to cause lock damage which is generally repairable.  Excessive coloring will cause your hair to dry out, break off, and/or thin.  Definitely avoid this practice within the first year of your lock journey.  Then proceed cautiously/sparingly, as it can possibly change your curl pattern or hair texture.  Consult with your Sisterlocks consultant/trainee before and after applying dyes/lifts/colors.

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